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Sexual Assault /Rape is Domestic Violence! A Poem about Rape

I feel like I don't have anything left, not even the shirt on my back.
I have no one to turn to as I lay here uneasy without feeling,without knowing who I am anymore. Somebody took that away from me, when they decided they wanted to lay with me.
No remorse,they had their way with me. They didn't even stop to think if they were hurting me,
It didn't matter to him, he only wanted me. I couldn't even scream, is this how its suppose to be?
The first time a man decides to lay with me?
Tears roll down my eyes, but even they got tired of more tears..all dried up..its just my blood and how could somebody who called themselves a that to me.
One thing I learned though is to pray for my enemies.
This life isn't promise to him or me but to do what he did,I knew God had a plan for me.
To rise up and become stronger than I knew I needed to be.
No it didn't happened that fast,it took about 3 yrs for me.
Treatment facilities, shelters, th…