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Thank You For Surviving!

Dear Survivor,

Has anyone ever told you thank you for surviving? If not, then I would like to be the first person to tell you, so here it goes: THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR SURVIVING! Now, some may be wondering, why I decided to say that or what that really means. What it means is that, surviving domestic violence is more than just leaving or escaping an unhealthy relationship, because even after you do that, you still have to SURVIVE. A lot of people do not understand what domestic violence survivors go through on a daily basis, they have to fight emotions, block out negative thoughts, maybe even tune out negative people, they have to learn to love themselves again, they have to learn to believe in themselves again, they have to believe they are are worth living, they have to learn to trust again and most importantly they have to HEAL!

Surviving is not something that happens overnight, surviving is something that you do everyday, so from one survivor to another, I just really wanted to…