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Ashton Kutcher And His Media Company A Plus Spread Awareness About Domestic Violence!

I am thoroughly excited that Ashton Kutcher and his media company A Plus have decided to join the fight against domestic violence. Domestic Violence is still a cause that needs much attention and I always think it is awesome when celebrities help raise awareness. I know that ANYBODY can raise awareness, but celebrities can raise awareness on a bigger scale and so I think what Ashton Kutcher and his media team are doing is amazing. 
What they have done is created an infographic that shows, in their words, "the effects of abuse that outlast physical violence, but are still detrimental". The infographic basically shows what happens after abuse and how it affects the survivor as far as their children, their employment, and their living situations go. 
Infographics are great because some people are visual, meaning they need to see something in order to understand it. Not everyone can or wants to read a long paragraph or a bunch of statistics simply because it is not the way that t…