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Men hurt too!


He loved me too Death

I can remember when the man with the cloth said to death do us part Wow, I said in the back of my mind; He must really love me. My mind glazed, until I realized the man I once knew took those very words to heart leaving my heart to feel the pain as I gave him my love.Loving me to death, I continue to review those words over and over again.Sounds of siren roaring through the neighborhood, children crying, neighbors whispering, he really loved his wife. Realizing all those who loved me gathered around and finally gave me flowers. He loved me to death

Vernell Logan Copyright © 2004

She survived domestic violence


I am a survivor ( Poem)

There were so many nights I did not think I would make it to see another day but; through my pain and sorrows I made it  to see the sun once again. Life at times seemed unbearable and I did not think I deserve to be here. Once I grasped for air and took a long swallow I felt a gush of wind awaken my soul. My mind rehearsed maybe there's room for me. I began to think I was worthy once again that was up until the slap of fire burned my face. I doubted the seeds of I can make it and I fell into life of despair. Slowly feeling like life will pass me by; only if I can dream once again. Abuse stole my identity leaving me to feel like a failure as my head hung low in shame. The song that penetrated my heart "I am a survivor as I roared my way back to health". I can, I will make it became my found new friends and the road to recovery was my way back to destiny. I am healed, I am free but most of all I am a survivor" 

Vernell T. Mackie (c) 2018
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