He loved me too Death

I can remember when the man with the cloth said to death do us part Wow, I said in the back of my mind; He must really love me. My mind glazed, until I realized the man I once knew took those very words to heart leaving my heart to feel the pain as I gave him my love.Loving me to death, I continue to review those words over and over again.Sounds of siren roaring through the neighborhood, children crying, neighbors whispering, he really loved his wife. Realizing all those who loved me gathered around and finally gave me flowers. He loved me to death

Vernell Logan Copyright © 2004


  1. As a guy, what I find is that girls got a very distorted idea about how we act, when we like a girl and how we act, when well...let's just say we want to get laid (without been a stereotypical TV jerk) For example, a lot of girls think, when we sweet talk a girl, sweeping her off her feet and stuff, it mean we like her a lot. They think when we buy her flowers, heart shape candy and stuff like that, it mean we like her a lot. They think if we travel miles to go after her, it mean we like her a lot. But the fact is, none of those things are true.

    In fact, the more we like a girl, it is less likely for us to sweet talk her, give her romance and buy her heart shape chocolate etc. (except during e.g. wedding anniversary) Because, (1) this way, we don't know whether the girl like us for us or is just like the romance and for us a girl been with us for the romance, is like a girl been with us for the money, we don't like that (2) Romance is not a good foundation to build a long term relationship, image yourself as the dominate partner in a lesbian relationship and u can see what I am talking about, constructing a romantic relationship is exhausting. As a result, only a guy that is a 110% idiot would try build a relationship on romance, otherwise, it must be he doesn't really care much about this girl or this relationship e.g. she is a mistress that he see at most once a week or it is a casual relationship. I for one, only go around sweeping a girl off her feet once and that is more to do with the fact, it was a casual relationship with a girl leaving the country in a few months and most of all, I wanted to get laid (most of the time, when the guy is been romantic, it mean he want sex)

    But girls, for some reason don't understand that. And there are a lot of bad people out there, including those who are male and they take advantage of this sort of vulnerability of a woman and use it to their advantage and once they got her hooked, they start attack her self confidence by calling her ugly and her fear of not able to find another guy, cause her to stay with him. Obviously, when he act this way, most likely he is not a good person and he doesn't really love her, otherwise, he won't act this way, under the circumstances, it isn't hard to image, this sort of guys, would be abusive.


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