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Father God, Lord Jesus
I come to you praying on behalf of all domestic violence victims, survivors and anybody that has ever been affected by Domestic Violence.
Lord I asked that you cover them with your sons(Jesus) blood.
I ask Lord that you cover them with your wings and be their refuge.
Lord I pray that you give them strength to fight back spiritually and that you deliver them and heal them.
Lord I pray that you give them peace, strength, hope, wisdom and love.
Lord we don't always know why situations happen or what we should do regarding them
But Lord I pray that you helped them realize that they are fearfully and wonderfully made
and that you love them and would never do anything to harm them.

I ask Father God that you dispatch your angels concerning them and lift them up to you,
Because you Lord are where their help comes from.
Please send them people who are understanding and willing to help.
I pray a hedge of protection over all of their lives in Jesus Name Amen.

If you a…

Domestic Violence:The Mark of Silence

This particular blog post will kind of be all over the place, but it will slowly start to come together and eventually the reader will see why the title is "Domestic Violence: The Mark of Silence". As I sat here thinking, I started to wonder if teens being home alone a lot helped them hide domestic violence more than usual. During these times parents are at work a lot, times are hard, and in order to pay bills and eat, we have to go to work. I thought about how much time a teen or someone living with their parents would have time to cover up a bruise by the time their parents, guardian, or whoever they were living with got home.

Pay attention to this closely, remember when you first got a hickey or someone you knew got one? Maybe you were a teenager, maybe you were an young adult, or even an adult. A lot of times when someone first gets a hickey, its kind of embarrasing to them. They find ways to hide it by covering it up with make up, wearing turtle necks, putting toothpast…