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Thursday, September 13, 2012

NFL Domestic Violence Petition

Many of you may have or may not have noticed a petition going around that says something like "Let's get the NFL to wear purple in honor of Domestic Violence" I would like to take some time out to explain a little more about the petition. As some of you may know my name is Nicole Lofton and I am the founder of Faithful Deeds Foundation I am also the creator of the NFL Domestic Violence petition.

I realize that there as been some talk about whether this petition was the right thing to do, some people say that I am leaving out all the other sports league that may have players that have been involved in Domestic Violence incidents, some say that the NFL is not important when it comes to Domestic Violence, some say that my argument is not valid and well some say that it is simply just a waste of time. 

Well, today I am here to address and respond to those concerns. You see first and foremost, I would like to make the statement that this petition is NOT and repeat NOT an attack on the NFL. I actually love the football, which leads me to my second point. It was my PERSONAL choice and I have that choice to petition the NFL first, yes I could have started with another league or I could have even petitioned ALL of them at the SAME time but that is not what I wanted to do. I petitioned the NFL not only because they have players in their league that have had Domestic Violence cases(which is very important to note) but because I feel like the NFL could play a major role in bringing and raising awareness of Domestic Violence on a NATIONAL level(which Domestic Violence really deserves). 

The NFL wears pink for Breast Cancer awareness which is there personal choice and I respect that because I care about Breast Cancer awareness as well, in fact I have family members who are breast cancer survivors. So I support that wholeheartedly but the truth is that Domestic Violence Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness as well as Bully Awareness(which does not get as much attention either) are all in the same month, so my question is why not raise awareness for them all? Domestic Violence is overshadowed constantly and it is time for it to come to the forefront because Breast Cancer is not the only thing that kills, Domestic Violence does too. 

The NFL employs players who have been charged in Domestic Violence cases, I am not saying that the NFL does not educate their players on Domestic Violence but what I am saying is that there needs to be more. I am looking at the BIGGER picture, I am looking towards the FUTURE. May I share the bigger picture that I see with you all? Thanks in advance, The bigger picture that I see is this:

Imagine NFL players wearing purple in honor of Domestic Violence, do you know how many people watch the NFL games?? BILLIONS of people watch those games. So imagine this with me, imagine how it can have an impact on EVERYONE. People who are watching will be wondering why do they have on purple? They know about pink already but why purple? Imagine what this would do for the players, now they are actually WEARING PURPLE and it has a meaning, they know they meaning now they are REPRESENTING Domestic Violence Awareness as they play, this can really make them think..then you will probably hear statistics and stories, people may start researching, etc it will SPREAD AWARENESS! Education is important as well, its important to know how Domestic Violence affects everyone so YES, YES I am calling on the NFL to take a stand not only with me, but to the 585 people that have signed this petition already!!! In 2011-2012 I am proud to say I have been seeing more people take a stand for Domestic Violence, than in previous years. 

I am asking all the readers and the NFL to take a stand with us and for us! Take a stand that says no matter what, Domestic Violence will not be tolerated! Take a stand on education for Domestic Violence! Take a stand for those who are being abused right now and feel like they cannot get out, take a stand for those who have died due to domestic violence, last but not least take a stand for the SURVIVORS who are brave enough to take a stand! If you all would take a look at the petition, you will see people have shared their stories about what they have decided to sign the petition, they have shared the stories about their own personal experiences. 

This is not about money, I am not asking anyone or the NFL for any money. I am just simply asking for help to raise awareness, I am just asking the NFL to wear purple for Domestic Violence Awareness just like they have worn Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, that is all. Take a stand with us please. I am a survivor of Domestic Violence myself, I know how it is to be controlled, to be ridiculed, embarrassed, to lose yourself, to not feel love, to be hopeless, to not know if you are going to live, to be scared. I know what it feels like but I also know how to feels to be FREE! TO Escape a unhealthy relationship, to love myself again, to understand who I am, to follow my dreams, to learn to love someone else, to know that I am not who my abuser or others said I was and I want to give that same hope and message to the people who are experiencing Domestic Violence RIGHT now. We can do that by spreading awareness and being transparent but we have to work together. 

So I humbly ask that you please share this and that you at least consider signing the petition. I do want to humbly thank EVERYBODY that has signed, that has shared on all the social networks. I also want to thank the organization "Real Men Don't Abuse Anymore!" for all they have done for this petition as well. Thank you to people all over the world who are signing from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. I see all of it and I empowered my all the stories, I shed tears every time I see a story on the petition. Domestic Violence happens to men and women! This is OUR petition! Lets take a stand! We have to start somewhere and I have chosen to start with the NFL, it we can accomplish this then we can take actions towards others things. God Bless you all. 

Sign the petition here: