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Women's T-Shirt Giveaway

So here it is, my first giveaway! I decided to do something fun since Im always so serious. I decided to do a t-shirt giveaway for domestic violence survivors. Why t-shirts? Not only because I personally designed them(lol) but because I love t-shirts and I feel like they are a great way of expression and encouragement. So if you happened to see one that you like enter the giveaway! You might win! I do have more t-shirts so I may do more giveaways at a later date. I have picture below 4 different tee's right now. After you reach the end of the t-shirts, then you will how to enter the giveaway! So Good-God( I don't like to say good luck). If you have any comments you can comment on this blog post or email me at

Have a great day, Nicole Lofton

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What we can learn from Hope Solo and her now Husband Jerramy Stevens

In recent news, there is a story that is being reported that has left a lot of people wondering and nobody seems to have answers but maybe there are some answers. American Soccer player and Olympic Gold Medalist Hope Solo were reported to have been in a domestic dispute a couple of days ago. Although, Hope chose not to speak on it or even press charges, the police still arrested her then fiancé Jerramy Stevens( A Former NFL player). The incident was said to happen at a party and the police felt like they had enough reason/evidence to arrest Mr. Stevens.

What happened after that though, is what now has a lot of people wondering. It was said that Hope Solo refused to talk to the police and warned nobody else to talk to them as well-Let me be the first to say this is a sign that Hope is probably in an abusive relationship. See when it comes to domestic violence, the answers are not always clear but when one educates themselves on the subject, then the answers become a little clearer.