Can one be a victim and a survivor at the same time?

As I was sitting back thinking about domestic violence as a whole and the healing process that one has to go through. I started thinking to myself, can one be a victim and a survivor at the same time? I did think about this carefully and what occurred to me is this: YES one can be both at the same time because he or she can be a victim(in their mind) BUT a survivor(at heart). What does this mean though? How can one be a victim in their mind but a survivor in their heart? How does that happen exactly? Well for some the healing process takes longer than others but a victim starts becoming a survivor once they have accepted the fact that they did not deserve to go through what they went through, that they deserve better and they will get better but it is still a process.

Often times domestic violence has a serve effect on the victim and although they know in their heart and it is apparent that God gave them the strength to leave and they are now free and have moved on in and with their life, sometimes in their mind they still replay things that happens and it hurts and they may not fully be healed, they still may not feel like they can talk to someone, they still may be dealing with what if he or she tries something else. I would like to encourage us to be mindful of this fact that it is a process, yes they are victims but also encourage them to realize that they are in fact a SURVIVOR and yes they are a survivor but let them know that is normal for them to still have lingering thoughts and feelings but they will get through it. Research suggest that it takes a at 2 years for a person to fully get to the point where they know for sure they have no attentions of returning back to the previous situation. So as I said it is a process because it is a lot of stress. Lets take away the stereotypes of what a victim is or why they are and what they should be doing and how they should be doing. If you have never been through it, it will be impossible for you to know exactly HOW TO GO THROUGH IT. I encourage us to stay prayerful for all the victims and survivors.


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