For about a year now I have been wanting to have an event entitled " My praise is my beauty". While I was talking to God last night, He spoke to me and said why don't you write about it. Writing is a form of therapy for me and it brings healing to me. I love to write, but I do not always utilize it as I should. So I said to myself well how will I write it about it, I had not put much thought into it. I have two blogs one for domestic violence and one for spiritual encouragement but I thought this would fit better under the domestic violence blog, but maybe I'll do both. Although I firmly believe that domestic violence happens to both men and women and I am an advocate for both this blog post will be geared towards the women. I have a scripture that I would like to focus on. The scripture is
Do you see that scripture? Proverbs 31:30 "Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord SHE SHALL BE PRAISED. This is where the concept of my beauty is my praise comes from. Ladies, do you know how beautiful you look when you are praising the Lord? How beautiful and wonderful do you feel? Think about it. It is definitely good to look nice and it makes us feel better but all the clothes, jewelry, accessories, etc. those are all materialistic and can be taken away from you at any given time but guess what CANNOT be taken away from you? YOUR PRAISE, that's right, it is YOUR PRAISE. Your God Given praise, God have you something to shout about it.

Let's think about when we face situations especially a situation such as domestic violence we start to lose our self worth, we forget who we are and WHOSE we are (Gods child). That man is telling you, that you are ugly, that you will never be anything, that you are no good, you are filthy, you will never be anything without him, he is hitting on you and you feel like you are in a totally different world. How did you get here, you are wondering. When God gives us the strength to finally get out of that situation and he rescues us and takes us under his wings, we are in His shelter He is covering us and speaking to us and we FINALLY have that breakthrough and outcomes a PRAISE that we NEVER knew that we had. We are shouting THANK YOU JESUS AND HALLELUJAH. God is the one that makes us feel beautiful inside, He is the one that helps us remember who we are and WHOSE we are. We must not ever let someone tell us that we are nothing without them because the only MAN that we are nothing without is GOD.

God tells us that charm is deceitful so ladies lets not deceive people especially men with our charm and lets not BE DECEIEVED by theirs. God tells us that beauty is passing, what does that mean? Beauty is passing, as we get older, our skin changes, our body changes, BUT of course we will always remain BEAUTIFUL because beauty is more on the INSIDE than it is on the OUTSIDE. Doesn't your praise come from the inside? That's where that beauty comes from, God heals us on the inside and it displays on the outside. We have to be comfortable in the skin that we are in (so cliche I know). God made no mistakes when He made us, we have to know that. Know that a man who loves you will love you when that outside beauty has passed because he realizes your INNER BEAUTY. He knows your worth and what are you worth? Far MORE THAN RUBIES. Most importantly we have to fear the LORD, let go of the fear of man, man did not bring you in this world (contrary to popular belief), GOD brought you in this word. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom yes it is. When we are extra close to God, nobody can tear us down. God said because you fear Him, you will be praised. That man will love you, your children will be looking up to you, your family and friends will be looking up to you. Everyone will be able to notice that you ate  TRUE WOMAN OF GOD.

I wrote this blog post today, to tell you that YOUR BEAUTY IS YOUR PRAISE AND YOUR PRAISE IS YOUR BEAUTY. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


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