From one survivor to another: Dear Whitney Houston, I will always love you

Some may be wondering why this particular post is under my domestic violence blog and not one of my other ones, it is because I have to stay true not only to myself but to my readers. We all know that Whitney was a SURVIVOR of domestic violence. I can remember as a child, sitting in my room listening to Whitney and trying to belt out beautiful notes like she did. I remember seeing Whitney would perform on TV, or seeing her acting in movies(the body guard, the preachers wife, waiting to exhale). I remember watching waiting to exhale with my mom and I said to myself Oh I don't need a man, that movie gave me strength to look to the future to know the difference between a good man and a not so good one.

Little did I know that one day I would find myself 'needing" or "depending" on a man. Sometimes when we don't feel loved we run to other outlets that may not be the best ones. For some it may be the wrong crowd, for some it maybe experimenting with something harmful and for most it is bad relationships that of course are not bad at first. As I watched Whitney Houston go through what she went through in her marriage and the media not giving her any slack, I would think to myself that is sad but she is a strong woman. At the time I probably was too young to realize what all of that was but now as I grow older, I realize me and Whitney had something in common which was domestic violence. Not only that we have more in common our strength and faith and God and our God given talents that we are able to use as outlets.

Whitney used her gift of song as a outlet and I must say a powerful outlet it was. She touched many hearts and I'm sure God used her to help heal many hearts as well. Through Whitney's music we learned about Love, friendship, joy and pain. We learned that God is a healer and a provider, He will always make a way. Becoming a domestic violence advocate has helped me grow, it has helped me let go, it has allowed me freedom to be me and helped me to encourage others to be free to be them. I have always had a passion for singing but never felt good enough but one day God have me a song and I wrote it and started recorded turned out to be about domestic violence and of course it was not what i wanted to sing about but it was what God wanted. See we have God given talents to be used for His glory meaning it allows us to release and therefore share a testimony to help someone else release and know that they are not on. There are countless others that had the gift of song that are in fact domestic violence survivors and they have blessed me but today I chose to focus on Whitney.

I would like to encourage someone today: Whatever your POSITIVE outlet is, use it!!!! God have it to you for a reason, You do NOT and I repeat do NOT have to suffer in silence! Be silent no more, whatever you God given gift is writing, dance, drawing, singing, music, painting, etc. Whatever it may be do it! Obviously one of mines is writing and I use it to glorify God and to help others, I pray that you all are encouraged to keep moving forward no matter how hard things seems, God can and will make a way out of NO WAY! To Whitney I say thank you for being strong, thank you for singing songs that helped build me and others up, your legacy will always live long and on. Dear Whitney Houston, I will always love you, REST IN PEACE!


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