Suffer in Silence? I Dare not!( A Poem about Domestic Violence)

I wake up to the sound of him walking around the room.

I assume that something is going to happen soon.
He could get hit me, he could curse me; he could seriously hurt me if he dares.
He drags me out the bed and out the room.
My heart is hurting, my mind is pounding, and I’ve got to get out of here soon.
He begins to attempt to sedate me so that he can rape me
But I noticed that silence fills the room.
Do I not have any cry in me left or have I lost my voice?
I’m tired of screaming and shouting only for my cries to go unnoticed.
Only for my tears to just dry up while I’m being ignored but being silent keeps me in a prison.
I have no one to turn too but I also haven’t really turned to anyone
Because every time someone gets close to me,
I allow the threats of this fool to disturb my cool.
So I’m no longer cool, instead I’m warm feeling unloved and torn apart.
As he attempts to rape me I think to myself, dare I be silent?
Or should I dare to make a noise that sounds so loudly like a lion’s roar?
What’s the worst that could happen, maybe I could get some courage and turn crazy and escape this.
Dare I be silent? I dare not!
I’ve been silent for too long, whose going to stand up for me if not me?
If I speak up I might live to share my story,
Live to share the triumph with women who will go through this after me or even with me.
I shall give God praise in a unique crazy way,
I know the psalms of protection, psalms 91 that’s my real weapon
And it’s bigger and more powerful than any physical weapon.
I put on the whole armor of God, now I’m a warrior, now God is carrying me through. Before I know it, he has left the room.
Now I am more than a conqueror.
Now I have called the police and I am determined never to look back.
No matter what happens. I will leave and I will live and I will be free.
Free to be the me that I never knew.
Surprised I must say; that my heavenly father loved me enough to rescue me and deliver me from the fowler’s snare.
No earthly man can trap me and keep me under their authority.
I have learned that God gave me the authority to trample on lions and serpents and I will do just that the next time a man thinks he will put his hands on me
Or even fix his mouth to disrespect me.
Glory to God for He is a healer, He is my shield during the storm,
He is the one that makes me whole; the one who can also make you whole.
Be set free from the misery so that you can experience the true happiness and freedom that God has created for you.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made, believe it and receive it!


  1. Thanks for the poem I noticed it on twitter. I thank you for help in spreading awareness about domestic violence.

    Adonna Seals
    Abused Twice

  2. Thank you so much Abused Twice, Thank You for all that you do as well.

  3. Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, family violence, and intimate partner violence. It's abusive behaviors by one partner against another. Specially Women's are victim of this domestic violence. We should try to eradicate from our society. Nice to come this post. Poem Suffer in Silence is really nice. I really appreciated this.

    Attorney Alliance Union

  4. HI,

    This poem was beautiful and so true. I was a victim of domestic violence and I wrote a poetry book called "Hanging On By A Thread", because that is what we all do. If you are interested please let me know.



    1. Thank You so much Debbie, I am definitely interested. I will be contacting you.

  5. This is so powerful. I had not seen this prior. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. hi, thanks for sharing you are doing a good job for spreading awareness about domestic violence I am glad to saw this great article keep it up...


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