It's Okay To Struggle

I thought about sharing a quote and maybe I will, who knows? I am just free-styling this post right now, but this was on my heart. A lot of times when we are struggling, we tend to think that it's a bad thing and although I know that it feels like it, struggling is actually a good thing. Like Frederick Douglas said and I quote "No struggle, no progress". 

Being a Domestic Violence Advocate or really just an advocate in general and a Christian Life Coach, my view on many issues has changed. I have learned to view the most negative things in a more positive way in order to stay encouraged and it works. I mean truly if everything was going the way that we wanted it too and nothing ever went wrong, what would we really learn from that? All we would learn is that we can have everything that we want, how we want it, and when we want it. We would also learned that we do not have to earn or work from anything. Just like a spoiled child, they get everything they want and if they are still spoiled once they become an adult, then they start to expect things and are not willing to work for it (not all, but some). 

I personally believe that our struggle prepares us for what's to come, it helps us believe in ourselves, and exceeds our expectations of ourselves. Through our struggle, we come alive, we learn who we really are. We become our true selves, only struggle can do that. Just like a coal when it is pressured, it becomes a diamond. We are that coal that is being pressured through our struggle, so that we can become that diamond that God created us to be. In this case, I am not comparing us to material things, because we are priceless. 

Today, I want you to know that it is OKAY to struggle, it's a good thing. You are being prepared for your purpose during your struggle and if you are already walking in your purpose, then you are being elevated during your struggle. 


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