Pro-Wrestling Personality Goldy Knows Allows Domestic Violence Survivor Mary To Shine During Interview!

Yesterday, something amazing happened. Before I continue on with that I want to again say a huge THANK YOU to all my readers, you are the reason why I continue to write. The best thing about blogging is one never really knows who is reading and what will come from it. I started this blog because I was encouraged to start blogging. The only subject that I could think of (at first) was domestic violence and I am so glad that I did it!

Anyway, back to yesterday. I received a comment on my blog from Goldy Knows. For those who do not know, Goldy knows is a pro-wrestling personality, a motivational speaker, a singer, as well as a host of other things. Goldy is really big on Charity and now has her own reality show. In the comment that Goldy left, there was link to her show and on this particular show she interviewed a domestic violence survivor named Mary.

I love to help and work with anybody who is supporting this cause, In fact, I love to help and support any cause, because you never know how it will inspire someone. I was honored not only that Goldy stumbled across my blog, but that she did this interview. What was special and unique about this interview was that Goldy and her best friend created three paintings on their own for Mary and also made her a headboard for her bed. Along with that they received donated items from some stores to also put in Mary's bed. I thought that was awesome and uplifting.

When Mary walked in her room(where the interview was being held), she was so surprised and happy. To someone else this may not seem like much, but when you have been through a traumatic experience, something like this can be everything to a person. This was a very touching interview and I love that Goldy truly allowed Mary to Shine while telling her story. There was no judgements passed or anything just simply love and understanding.  I welcome you to check out the interview people and share it with people that you know.

Thank you for watching, reading, and sharing and thank you Goldy Knows for your contribution to raising awareness for Domestic Violence.


  1. Wow! Congratulations! It only means that your voice is being heard. Yes, I’ve seen that episode too and I can just feel Mary's pain. It's really sad that domestic violence has been very apparent in our country. We really should start trying to correct this sad reality.

    Richard Della Fera @ RDF Attorney


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