Trouble Doesn't Last Always

This post stems from the winter weather that some of us have been having. Here in Chicago, about a week or two ago the weather was crazy. It was snow everywhere and mostly all the schools were shut down for at least two days.

Then something happened, it started raining a lot, and then the snow was gone. Now, I know you might be thinking what was so great or intriguing about that. Well, I am glad that you asked because I am excited to share with you.

 The next day, I started thinking about how the snow storm made people feel. People were frustrated because they couldn't leave the house, people didn't want to try to shovel all of that snow, people were worried would they be safe on the road if they did leave the house, and I am sure there were all kind of thoughts running across peoples minds. It really did look a mess outside, but I couldn't help think about how in one day that rain washed all the snow away and everything that we were thinking while the snow storm was happening, was washed away as well.

That particular scenario reminded me that trouble doesn't last always. I started to think about how sometimes we get so absorbed in the things that are happening to us or around us and we forget that it is only temporary. God can change everything in just one day or even last them that. Most times, if we take our minds off the situation, it won't bother us as much.

As always, thank you for reading,

Nicole Lofton


  1. That is so funny that you used the same scenario that I have thought about -- the snow not lasting. When there is a snowstorm and we are housebound, we can take advantage of the opportunity to rest instead of going out! Finding something good in every situation helps us to get through it and realize that this too, shall pass

    1. Hi Carol.

      Great minds think a like! You are so right, we must find something good in every situation. Thank you for always commenting and show your support.


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