A lot of times when we ear, see, or read stories about things in general that have happened, when tend to think " that will never happen to me" or we start to say how we would have handled the situation differently. When it comes to domestic violence most of reactions received are negative. Some say things like the victim is stupid, why would the victim stay after being abused or I would never let anyone put there hands on me or talk to me crazy". These are typical responses when hearing a story involving domestic violence. I always like to point out the fact that we will NEVER know  what we will do in a situation until it is actually presented to us and I pray that those who have never experienced domestic violence or any other violence will have too. I tend to believe that if we can learn from someone's testimony/story then we should.

If you ever thought for a moment that you couldn't be in a domestic violence situation then lets think about some scenarios because many victims/survivors did not want to be in those situations either. It is important to have empathy when it comes to situations such as these, empathy is basically being able to feel what someone else felt or being able to put yourself in that situation, simply being able to geniuely relate. Imagine that you meet a man or woman and you all go on a couple of dates, you decide that you really like each other so you all decided to become a couple. Of course things are going really good and then three months into the relationship things start to change. You start to notice that maybe your significant other is jealous or always questioning you, maybe he doesnt like the fact that you go out anymore, starts telling you who to trust and who not to trust but maybe you think oh its jusst a phase but then it gets worst. Thats just one sceniaro.

One important thing to remember is that majorty of relationships that end in domestic violence BEGIN GOOD! There are a lot of things that can lead to a change in a relation such as children, job loss, substance as well as many other things. It is very impossible for us to say that it wont happen to us or that we know what we do because we dont. Usually it catches the victim off guard and when you are being threatened, even beating, your mind goes to someplace most victims want to cry out for but feel like no one will listen or understand. This is my plea for all of us to come together and try to stop domesic violence.


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