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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Many times when someone or something makes us mad, we tend to argue and some even fight about it. These days there is a bunch of violence not only domestic but just in general. The consensus is people get mad and they fight(not all people of course) but how about we get mad and fight AGAINST fighting. Do you understand what I'm saying? So many people have lost and are losing their lives to violence in general whether it be domestic violence, gun violence, riots, physical violence, some violence even leads to suicide. Some people get tired of being emotionally abused or just going through the trials of life that they commit suicide. So what is all the fighting about? What good is that doing in the world period? Its not doing any good. Do you believe that women and men should abuse each other? Do you believe in child abuse, elder abuse or family abuse? Do you believe in emotional abuse? Do you believe in senseless killings? If not? why not take a stand against it? Why are not we coming together as a community and standing up for what we believe in? If it was someone in our family or our friend we would jump to help them but since its not sometimes we do not do anything or maybe we feel like it is not our place to do anything, maybe even we are afraid that we will get caught in a senseless act of violence. Let me be the first to tell you that no weapon formed against you shall prosper but you have to believe! Whatever we do for someone here on earth, we have done for our father God in Heaven, He uses us. Lets come together and work towards ending domestic violence.

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